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Top 8 Open Source Web Servers In 2020


It’s been a long excursion since the first web server was released in 1991. For a significant long time, Apache was the main notice commendable webserver. After some time, in any case, other open source server has picked up footing.

In this guide, we have introduced the best open source web servers in 2020. Check out now.

Top 8 Open Source Web Servers

  1. Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server, informally known as Apache or http in Red Hat distribution. Also it is a free and opensource web server. It created by Apache Software Foundation under Apache License form 2. Delivered in 1995, Apache has filled by a wide margin to get one of the most mainstream and broadly utilized web servers, driving over 37% of the apparent multitude of sites.

Apache is written in C language and is a profoundly adjustable webserver because of its huge loads of modules that expand the web server’s usefulness. These incorporate mod_file_cache for storing, mod_ftp to give FTP backing to record transfers and downloads. And mod_ssl that permits uphold for SSL/TLS encryption conventions, and some more.

Apache likewise offers virtual facilitating support that permits you to have various areas or sites. Be arranging virtual hosts, a solitary server can have numerous spaces easily and with no complexities. You can have,,, etc.

  1. Nginx Web Server

Pronounced with the name Engine-X, Nginx is an elite, powerful webmaster for open source who, likewise, doubles as a stack balancer, transition middleman, middle man. IMAP / POP3 and through the API. First created by Igor Sysoev in 2004, Nginx prevailed to push back the competition and become one of the most stable and solid web servers.

Nginx creates its unmistakable quality from its low asset usage, versatility and high concurrency. Indeed, when appropriately tailored, Nginx can process up to 500,000 requests per second with low CPU usage. Hence, it is the best web server to facilitate high-traffic websites and beat Apache.

The main languages ​​running on Nginx combine LinkedIn, Adobe, Xerox, Facebook and Twitter to reference a number.

  1. Lighttpd Web Server

Lighttpd is a free and open source web server intended for the ultimate in speed applications. Contrary to Apache and Nginx, it is a bit impressive (under 1 MB) and practical with employee properties, such as CPU usage.

Licensed under the BSD license, Lighttpd runs locally on Linux / Unix frameworks, however, the same can be introduced in Microsoft Windows. It is renowned for its simplicity, simple setup, modular execution and maintenance.

Lighttpd’s design is revamped to cope with the huge volume of peer-to-peer links, which is crucial for elite web applications. Web server serves as the basis for FastCGI, CGI and SCGI to communicate programs with the web server. It also supports web applications written in a bunch of programming dialects with particular consideration for PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby.

  1. Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is an open source web server implementation of the Java servlet engine, Java Expression Language, and Java Server pages. It appears to be an ideal alternative for designers who are building and delivering Java-based applications.

Careful, Tomcat isn’t your regular web server like Nginx or Apache. It is a Java servlet that comes with a usefulness extended to bind to Java servlets while simultaneously realizing specifics, for example, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java Expression Language (Java EL). .

What separates Tomcat from other web servers is that it is explicitly equipped to serve Java-based content. It was originally developed to provide JSP with the usefulness that requires the Apache HTTP staff.

You can run Apache Tomcat in close proximity to the Apache HTTP server in a situation where you are performing operations with both PHP and Java content. The Apache HTTP server can handle the static and dynamic as Tomcat handles the usefulness of JSP.

  1. Caddy Web Server

Written in Go, Caddy is a quick and incredible open source web server that can likewise go about as a converse intermediary, load balancer, and API entryway. Everything is underlying without any conditions and this angle makes Caddy simple to introduce and utilize.

Of course, Caddy underpins HTTPS and effectively deals with SSL/TLS testament restorations. Absence of conditions builds its conveyability across different dispersions with no contention in the libraries.

It’s an ideal web server for running applications written in GO and offers full help for IPv6 and HTTP/2 to empower quick HTTP demands. It likewise bolsters virtual facilitating, progressed WebSockets innovation, URL revamps, and diverts, storing and static record presenting with pressure, and markdown delivering.

  1. OpenLite Speed Web Server

OpenLiteSpeed is an open source web server intended for speed, straightforwardness, security, and streamlining. It depends on the LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server version and gives all the basic highlights in the Enterprise release.

OpenLiteSpeed web server rides on a function driven, asset amicable design and highlights an easy to understand WebAdmin GUI that encourages you deal with your areas/sites and screen a variety of measurements. It’s improved to execute a wide range of contents, for example, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Java. OPenLiteSpeed underpins both IPv4 and IPv6 with SSL/TLS uphold. IT offers help for TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

You likewise will appreciate data transmission choking, astute reserve quickening, HTTP demand approval, and IP-based admittance control. Moreover, you will profit by elite page reserving, and the web server’s capacity to deal with a huge number of simultaneous associations.

Aside from going about as a web server, OpenLiteSpeed can serve a heap balancer and opposite intermediary. It’s allowed to download and is accessible under the GPLv3 permit.

Figure out how to introduce the OpenLiteSpeed web server on Linux conveyances utilizing the accompanying aides.

  1. Hiawatha Web Server

Written in C, Hiawatha is a lightweight and secure web server worked for speed, security, and usability. It’s code and highlights are profoundly make sure about and can avert XSS and SQL infusion assaults. Hiawatha additionally permits you to screen your server utilizing an exceptional checking device.

It’s additionally simple to introduce and accompanies adequate documentation to manage you through and give you all the data that you require. Hiawatha comes suggested for inserted frameworks or old servers that have low determinations.

  1. NodeJS

This may come as a stunner. Truly, NodeJS is basically an opensource and cross-stage server side runtime climate utilized for building web applications in Javascript. In any case, it’s likewise packaged with a http module that gives a bunch of classes and capacities that broaden its usefulness and empowers it to assume the part of a web server. Therefore, NodeJS is rated as one of the best web servers.


While we have secured probably the best open source web servers, the rundown is in no way, shape or form cast in stone. In the event that you feel we have left one a web server that ought to be highlighted in this rundown, give us a whoop.

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