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Top 8 advantages of applying open source solutions for enterprise (part 2)

Top 8 open source solutions advantages

In part 1, I just introduced the two first advantages when you applying open source solutions for your enterprise, so in this part, we will go with the rest of the list. Hope you find it useful!

3. Cost-effectiveness

In general, in comparison to other proprietary solutions, open source solutions are much more cost-effective because they are inexpensive in an enterprise environment for equivalent or superior capability. Although they are quite cheap, they still bring users full ability to start small and scale. With enterprise in particular and all business models in general, the budget is always the challenge and open source solution will actually make sense in this financial aspect.

4. Ability to start small

Thanks to the flexibility of open source solution, you can totally start small and quickly with community versions, after that you can migrate to a commercially-supported solution as your business target for the first time. If the support is not required for the project, you can continue on the community version indefinitely. You have the option to try the variety of alternatives, pick the one you are going to work with, and then scale up with a commercial solution.

5. Solid information security

It is undeniable that commercial open source comes with a solid information security record in this very dangerous world. I also agree that it is so hard for us to claim security superiority for any solution. Nothing is perfect but open source solution has done well with their responsiveness related to information security problems. In fact, we had eyes on code that in some cases is decades old, we could identify and fix problems when they became apparent. That is the advantage of using open source solutions.

6. Attracting better talent

That sounds surprising but open source solutions will be actually helpful in attracting talent. Almost professionals technologists are aware of and believe that open source solutions will head this industry. They prefer because they allow to create their own projects, provide the ability to interact with others outside their enterprise to develop solutions. Talent loves the flexibility and freedom and open source solutions offer all those things.

7. Sharing maintenance cost

It is so good for your enterprise if sharing effectively some of the maintenance costs. When you decide to go with open source solutions, you can enjoy a fundamental advantage that is community involvement. You can share the cost of maintaining and sustaining applications among multiple parties instead of writing an application and having to sustain it yourself.

8. The future

The future of open source solution is so bright, that is the truth. We have the web, mobile, and cloud solutions, they are all increasingly built predominantly on open source infrastructure. Open source solutions have some data and analytic solutions that we cannot find in other solutions. Open source solution will almost drive future architectures because our era now is in mobile solutions with the Android platform; web solutions. Websites are mainly built based on open source solutions. It is not exaggerated that open source solutions are always an actually beneficial investment.

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