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Top 4 HRM systems that you should try for your company in 2019.

Human resources management is an integral part of a company’s growth. A complete HR solution enables the organization to perform important functions and activities related to human resources such as

  • attraction,
  • retention,
  • management of employees and related HR data.
  • Some of the benefits of an HR system include
  • improvement of the HR team’s efficiency
  • improvement of employee experience.

It can save money in staffing costs, or allow the redeployment of staff to other projects. Because, The top HR software, at the least, will help managers and business owners make better decisions as they can easily find, analyze, and generate reports on employee data. HR software will also enable organizations to improve the implementation of regulations. Besides, it helps increase the efficiency of teamwork and discipline awareness of employees in the organization. However, the cost of a human resource management system is not cheap at all. In addition, finding a system to fit your organization (Price, company size, easy to use) is quite difficult. Below, I will tell you about the top 4 HRM systems that you should try for your company in 2019. My priority is about price (free if possible). Now, let’s start!

Zoho people (

HRM Systems Zoho people


Firstly, Zoho People is a cloud-based HRM solution. Besides, its free version suited for businesses of small sizes because it lets you add up to five employees. Its features include:

  • an employee database
  • self-service features
  • onboarding
  • leave management.
  • etc

Pros: Zoho People’s HR modules easily customizable.

Cons: the mobile app’s interface is complex

WebHR (

HRM Systems WebHR

SecondlyWebHR is a Social all-in-one HR software. In addition, it will make it easy for your HR team to start managing your HR effectively and efficiently. However, Its free version only supports up to five users. Its features include:

  • time and attendance tracking
  • employee records
  • onboarding
  • leave tracking
  • file management
  • employee self-service
  • Dashboard functionalities.
  • etc

Pros: There are many comprehensive Reports & Graphs

Cons: The recruiting module lacks some needed features

HRM for Vtiger CRM (HRM systems from


ThirdlyHRM (CMSmart) is a HR software on Vtiger CRM platform. Moreover, it allows enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management. In fact, its free version is limited some features. Its features include:

  • Online Employees management
  • Effective Candidate Management
  • Modern daily, Monthly, Yearly KPI report
  • Based on Vtiger Platform
  • Dynamic Data Management
  • Easy leave/ Time Off Management
  • etc

Pos: easily customizable, there are many simple yet outstanding features.

Cons: they limit some feature in Free version

Orange HRM (

HRM Systems OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM is an HR solution software that works well for small and midsize businesses. There are two versions: cloud-based and open source. The open source version is free. Its features include:

  • Personnel Information Management (PIM)
  • Leave/ Time off Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Performance, Recruitment
  • System Administration & User Roles
  • Etc

Pos: It helps the manager easily manage organizational changes

Cons: lack of payroll (lack of salary component management)

The above is my opinion about the top 4 HRM systems that you should try for your company in 2019. Finally, I think that this article help you save your gold time. In addition, you can choose a good HRM systems for company. So, I hope this post bring some useful information for you. If you have any question, please contact with us at the contact information below. We will answer all of your questions about HRM for Vtiger CRM (CMSmart).

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