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Tips for choosing the best open source E-commerce platform

When deciding to start an online web store, choosing a suitable open source e-commerce platform is a fundamental and important step in the journey of becoming a business person. We have a lot of platforms available on the market and to choose among them is not an easy task because they will have some significant differences in performances and features which can have a huge impact on your brand and online visibility. In this post, I will not say which one is the best, I just list some typical criteria you can use to evaluate and find the most suitable E-commerce platform for your business. Here we go:

High speed is crucial

In our e-commerce industry, in this fiercely competitive environment, speed is money. And, one more second spent on loading will take money from your wallet. In fact, according to the studies from experts and e-commerce specialists, the ideal loading time for a web store should never exceed three seconds. Besides, the minimum load timing of the top eCommerce sites is around 10 seconds. Of course, The high loading speed will create a great difference between your business and competitors.

If you are running a self-hosted website you can really optimize the same for speed, of course, it will be costly and take a lot of time. For example, The average site of Magento takes around 5 seconds.

So, your only solution is offering good speed for loading and using it as a secret weapon in the arsenal of eCommerce. In addition, visitors usually consider speed as an important performance that determines how well sites around are performing.

Almost e-commerce platforms available on the market can allow users to:

  • Opening an online store in less time
  • Accepting the basic online payment types
  • Boosting the presence of the online site

A strong e-commerce platform can boost up the start-ups around and can help in growing business. Many of the other software options are available. The mission is for selling online and even simple or fast way.

The appealing features

If you find quite satisfied with a rich platform of e-commerce and start tallying up all features, you should make sure that all these features can handle well all your business models. Some suggested must-have features that ensure the success of a web store:

  • The fastest web hosting
  • An exact search of a product
  • The ability to send the abandoned emails on the cart
  • The best SEO tools for bulk editing & SEO suggestion for e-commerce ranking, URLs, metadata which can be customized, sitemaps
  • Mobile friendly
  • Blogs
  • Integrated reviews and ratings
  • Discount and coupon compatibility
  • Multiple numbers of photos along with the capability of zooming

Some of the other additional features you should never ignore:

  • The ability to handle the recurring orders of product and subscriptions
  • The ability to sell customized products
  • Amazon integration
  • The ability to sell all customized products
  • Ease of usage
  • The tracking of real-time shipping
  • The integration of drop-shipping

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