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What would be the pros and cons of open source solutions?

What would be the pros and cons of open source solutions

From the first appearance until now, open source solutions movement has built an actually rich community of collaborative software developers with the applications that have been produced in the way of wave after wave. From the first time, it was just a lofty ideal. Nowadays, it has been become so popular and be widely preferred. According to The Tenth Annual …

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Magento multi vendor theme – the combination of all open source solutions’ benefits

Magento multi vendor theme packge

Open source, it is not new term. Open Source has been a part of the IT landscape since 1998, we can call it a mature man in family. It might take part in a lot of evolution in this industry. After a long time of development, nowadays, open source solutions have been well accepted as the part of IT landscape. …

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How can you use open source solutions with all confidence?

How can you use open source solutions with all confidence

When you decide to try with something new, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are inevitable and trying open source solutions is not exceptional. It will be so great for both users and developers if they can an effective risk analysis before applying. Open source solutions, as you know, offer users a business opportunity, allows cutting edge code without license fees. However, …

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Web-based open source solutions: 5 successful business models (part 2)

open source solution web-based

If you usually follow the growth stages of open source solutions, I bet that you have ever read the article named List of 16 open-source business models in 2012 written by Peter Groen and Roger A. Maduro. Although from 2016 until now, the number will grow, the key strategy to follow will still not too different. Never afraid of mixing …

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Web-based open source solutions: 5 successful business models (part 1)

open source solution web-based

Have you ever thought that there will be a day, your open-source project would become the next year’s hottest unicorn? You need to put all the effort to make that day become true. Because the smallest risk of open-source projects turns into abandonware is so high. The growth of one project will go along with a lot of demands placing …

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Hot open source solutions released: WordPress LMS solution

WordPress LMS solution

There is no development in economics that does not go along with educational development. Knowledge always plays an important role in the prosperity of each country. Nowadays, thanks to the explosion of the Internet, classes have not held in the traditional way, we have another channel to learn is e-learning. No school, no class, teachers, and students can meet others …

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The differences between Free Software, Open source solutions and Freeware

open source solutions freeware and free software

We have many terms refer to the software that does not charge you a fee for using. Those terms, with some people, sound almost the same but in fact, they are not. I think that open source solutions are quite straightforward enough but people still have some trouble when distinguishing between free software and freeware? So, in this article, I …

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Overview about Responsive Woocommerce multi vendor theme

Woocommerce multi vendor theme banner

Multivendor marketplace is one of the hottest trends all over the world, who can aware of the trend like they hold the successful key on their hands. However, from recognizing the trend, you need to go a long way to reach the successful door. To shorten your road, we are glad to introduce you to an effective tool that is …

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Open source solutions: the low cost technology for small business

low cost open source solutions

A lot of business owners agree that they love open source solutions right at first glance. Because they are a fee as well as provide and perform a task similar to the packages provided by big brands like Microsoft and Quicken. Is that sound attractive? Basically, open source solutions are free. However, this solution may come with hidden costs and potential problems. …

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Open source solutions as a business model

open source solutions and SAAS

There is driving interest in software security solutions in the EMEA region which includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). That is an increased interest in privacy issues. This change is good news because when it combines with the changes of attitude in using open source solutions, it creates a new opportunity for business. According to the opinion of Olivier …

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