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Best Open-source and Free eCommerce Platforms for your site

How website development has changed from 2007 to now

1. WooCommerce (On WordPress) WooCommerce (read our review here) could be a WordPress plugin, so you’ll need to install WordPress (open source) on your host, then install the WooCommerce plugin onto your site. Log into your WordPress site. Go to Plugins and Add New. Search for ‘WooCommerce’. Select Install Now. Choose Activate Now and you’re ready for the WooCommerce Wizard! …

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Did you know which Open-source fit your eCommerce site?

If you are looking for an inexpensive or free open source eCommerce platform, don’t miss this post. Technically, you could choose almost about any eCommerce framework, since the bulk of them are rather inexpensive as it is. However, the open-source model has caused all types of praise from the people that use it, especially considering these online store systems are …

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3 Platforms and their themes to build the best E-commerce Marketplace


As you know, the Sharing economy and the 4.0 technology revolution are changing the sell and buy ways. Now, everyone is more business on e-commerce Marketplace because It is fast, easy, more and more convenient. I can summarize the following advantages of e-commerce Marketplaces: Here the buyer finds a seller on his/her own More and more information provided to customers …

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What Open source e-commerce platforms should newbie choose in 2019

open source e-commerce

If you are a newbie and you want to build your own e-commerce website for yourself, it is quite difficult. However, you have some interesting options to create a website with the smallest cost. The solution here is an open source e-commerce platform. Nowadays, there are many open source e-commerce platforms you can choose. Though, I think you should choose …

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Top 8 advantages of applying open source solutions for enterprise (part 2)

Top 8 open source solutions advantages

In part 1, I just introduced the two first advantages when you applying open source solutions for your enterprise, so in this part, we will go with the rest of the list. Hope you find it useful! 3. Cost-effectiveness In general, in comparison to other proprietary solutions, open source solutions are much more cost-effective because they are inexpensive in an …

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Open source solutions: Secure and Stable choice

open source solutions

Most professional developers agree that there are two best solutions they always encourage business owners use are open source solutions and enterprise edition software. So, depending on the conditions and requirements of each business, the choice is usually made after setting functional and technical requirements and forecasting the development time, the maintenance effort and the budget. In other words, the …

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