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What would be the pros and cons of open source solutions?

What would be the pros and cons of open source solutions

From the first appearance until now, open source solutions movement has built an actually rich community of collaborative software developers with the applications that have been produced in the way of wave after wave. From the first time, it was just a lofty ideal. Nowadays, it has been become so popular and be widely preferred. According to The Tenth Annual Future of Open Source Survey, in the world, there is 93 percent of organizations use open source software. 78 percent run part or all of their operations on it.

The strengths of open source solutions are undeniable; however, there still are some serious potential problems you should never ignore. So in this article, I will offer you the information related to the pros and cons of open source solutions.

  1. Pros

  • Free or low cost

Finding an open source version of a proprietary software package that you’ve been paying for can be a real boon for companies. Open source software saves companies an enormous sum every year.

  • Continuous improvement

Open source solutions have been building for themselves so crowded and strong community with plenty of talented developers. They fix bugs, make tweaks, and add to it all the time. Anyone who wants to engage in improving open source solutions, they are all welcome.

  • Do anything you want

Because it is OPEN, so it means you can install it on every machine without having to worry about licensing. Customize anything you want to be suitable for your requirements.

  • Never be locked in

You will never have to fear being locked into a proprietary system with a vendor designing products which are only compatible with each other. Open source solutions will make you free, no waiting for functionality added. Open source solutions are independent of individual companies so as long as the community is still active, you are still alive.

  1. Cons

  • Hidden cost

With some business owners who are not professional in this field, they might think that open source solutions are totally free. But it’s important to factor in the cost of deploying and integrating the software. Therefore, before applying open source, business owners also need to plan for ongoing maintenance and support costs.

  • Abandonment risk

Open source solutions do sometimes die out. If you’ve invested a lot into the software it could be a serious problem if the updates stop. It still will be wonderful if always be updated.

  • Security risk

Because it is OPEN so it will be for everyone. Malicious users can view the code and look for exploits and vulnerabilities. Therefore, when using, business owners should spend time and labor to analyze the open source code for security vulnerabilities to keep your website always safe. Ignoring security risks will be the main reason for serious exposure.

Although the disadvantages still exist, the advantages still outweigh the risks of cons, that’s the reason why open source solutions are so popular. I want to introduce you to one of the open source solutions from Cmsmart Marketplace called Teepro – Woocomerce Custom T-shirt designer WordPress theme. This T-shirt website design solution is the combination of all strengths from open source solutions as well as comes with all cons improvements like high security, no hidden or potential cost and continuously updated.

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