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Pandora WordPress travel theme – Comprehensive solution for travel websites

WordPress Travel theme

Nowadays, our living standard is increasing. So that the demand for the entertainment of people is also developing diversity in the number and quality. Tourism has become a thriving industry and has customers everywhere in the world. Businesses providing tourism services appear very much created fierce competition for their survival and development. In contention to win the state of today’s market do you have any plans to compete for your company? If you ever afraid of having to spend too much time planning for the development of your website, then we can do to change that thought only with Pandora – WordPress travel theme from Cmsmart. It is a WordPress theme built for a travel website such as travel agencies, tour operators, travel blog etc…that any admin always looking for thanks to comprehensive solutions it can bring to your website.

For customers

To evaluate the effectiveness of a commercial template, we always need to mention its ability to satisfy the customers. Pandora WordPress Travel theme is friendly with all browsers which means that customers can surf and search for information from your website easily without having to abandon the habit to access the web with their familiar browsers. Adding that this WordPress theme has good display ability on a variety of popular devices that support customers better web browsing without being a hindrance by the equipment they use. With smart design, innovative layouts, beautiful colors. It will promote inspirational travel of customers, while experience on your site will become a wonderful time and pleasant to them. The powerful mega menu helps express the content explicitly, for accurate results and easier to find information.

For admins

We designed and built the Pandora WordPress Travel theme to ensure smooth operation and cards for high performance. It also built on the No.1 Jomres plugin in order to have all the power features of Jomres. Admins easily show products and services, travel packages in an eye-catching and interesting way to the customer thanks to Redux Framework and Nice gallery. Two great features allow the product to appear as an image, compelling and higher impact to feel and choice of customers. Outstanding product labels create attractive accents highlight the products in the catalog which can be effective than your expectations. An administrator can manage general booking as Control Panel, Site configuration, Languages, Payment Methods, etc in the backend.

Customers love to hear reviews from many people as an unbiased perspective so it is a reason why testimonial videos are so powerful. Unique and clear blog posts will help customers understand better for tourist destinations. You do not need to be an expert to install this template for your website because of the support team on Cmsmart always willing to help you 24/7. A lot of video guide & quickstart packages will be given to you so that you can easily take the initiative to install for your site.

In short, Pandora WordPress Travel theme is a smart solution for travel agencies, tour operators, travel blog etc…improve customer satisfaction and help admins consolidate their website. If you have any concerns about this wonderful product, you can try a demo of it right now on Cmsmart. Of course, We believe that you will be convinced for the first time experience.


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