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Open source solutions: Secure and Stable choice

open source solutions

Most professional developers agree that there are two best solutions they always encourage business owners use are open source solutions and enterprise edition software. So, depending on the conditions and requirements of each business, the choice is usually made after setting functional and technical requirements and forecasting the development time, the maintenance effort and the budget.

In other words, the term open source solutions refer to the software whose source code is freely available on the Internet. Because you can use and edit easily. On the contrary, the source code for commercial software is usually kept secret.

In this article, I will list the most significant benefits of open source solutions. I hope you can gain an overview of this solution. Here we go:

Open source solutions benefits:

  • providing more control over the software
  • the code will work exactly as what we want it to do
  • You can change parts of it to satisfy your different requirements
  • Improving security as well as stability to a higher level.
  • Saving a lot of money on various costs.

economical open source solutions

In conclusion, what I mentioned above are the most outstanding strengths of open source solutions, they will make open-source software business agile. With this software, your business will be able to move to fast-forward on their market. In the era when the changes occur every day, open source solutions are an effective and feasible tool that allows companies to keep up the pace based on the ability to create new applications quickly, reliably and economically.

Although which one you choose, let’s take overlook this list:

  • multiple development languages (Java, PHP, C#, Visual Basic, .NET, HTML)
  • various versions of OS like Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse) or FreeBSD
  • automated software testing tools: SoapUI, NUnit, PHPUnit
  • mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • CMS: Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress
  • application servers: JBoss, Apache Tomcat-
  • databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
  • web servers: Apache HTTP
  • other: SOAP, SMTP, HTML

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