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Open source solutions: the low cost technology for small business

low cost open source solutions

A lot of business owners agree that they love open source solutions right at first glance. Because they are a fee as well as provide and perform a task similar to the packages provided by big brands like Microsoft and Quicken. Is that sound attractive? Basically, open source solutions are free. However, this solution may come with hidden costs and potential problems. If you are not professional in this field but you still love and desire to use open source solutions, you can choose reputation providers like Netbase to help you.

The Appeal of Open Source solution

After doing some survey, I found that the first reason businesses choose open source solutions. This is the price tag. Many companies consider this as getting building materials for free and paying the contractor to erect the structure. In most of the cases, you pay some money to customize open source solutions to fit your business requirement, which is even cheaper than proprietary solutions. Teri Wiss, the owner of a children’s occupational therapy practice, said that Open source solutions are not just about saving money, small business and enterprises are adopting it to develop applications faster, with higher quality components.

No Free Lunch

TweriWiss is so lucky when implementing open source solutions because she is able to describe her specific functionality needs, which a lot of leaders cannot, to a developer who také the information and runs with it. Unfortunately, not all business owners can do as Wiss. The first challenge they usually occur is finding a developer who is able to translate your plain English to computer-speak. I found that several companies hire a developer just to find cost overruns and bugs drive up the cost, then they end up paying much more than the price of a branded software solution.

I want to emphasize that upgrades and maintenance costs are things you should never forget. Customization helps open source solutions fit your business requirements but it may cause the conflicts with other applications, it will be fine if you can deal with it, but if not, it leads to expensive troubleshooting and debugging labor from contractors.

Remember that the software you pay to customize today may not handle your business needs tomorrow. You will be pushed into the case of finding another coder to create another application to handle the capacity. We can practically guarantee that the second coder won’t agree with the approach the first developer took. Some customizations in open source solutions will be not entirely free as small business owners ever thought. Any altered code must be shared with the community. What does it mean? It means you get it and your competitors also get it, free access to the same software you paid to develop. Therefore, to maintain your competitive advantages, paying for a license is a feasible solution. When you pay, customization on your open source solutions will be guaranteed.

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