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Open source solutions as a business model

open source solutions and SAAS

There is driving interest in software security solutions in the EMEA region which includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). That is an increased interest in privacy issues. This change is good news because when it combines with the changes of attitude in using open source solutions, it creates a new opportunity for business. According to the opinion of Olivier Thierry, a chief marketing officer at Zimbra, open source solutions will continue to be the global lead trend. That sounds great!

One main reason behind this dramatical growth is the increase in the concern of people to about data privacy in the EMEA region. One interesting thing about this EMEA region is the slightly different approach they take to their US counterparts. They always consider data privacy as an integral part of their overall security. They will focus on this point first, he emphasizes.

If you make a comparison between consumers from the EMEA region and the US, you will find that there is a great tendency when looking at open source solutions of business owners come from the EMEA region. Meanwhile, both consumers and business owners from the US tend to give away their rights to data privacy. How? They have some habits such as giving away to use for a variety of market tools in return for just minor benefits. While US values encryption and security but data privacy is taken as a little less important, the EU considers it as the fundamental human right.

Due to this habit, EMEA companies pay more attention to look for open source solutions. That is the savior for greater data privacy and security. A lot of companies also look to base servers outside of US jurisdiction. Because of the increased intervention from national security agencies. Open source solutions are always the first choice because they are not linked to a country of origin. It means no specific data privacy laws required. You can customize those open source solutions freely for specific regions and requirements.

Behind the growth of open source solutions, we can observe an important trend. That is the ability to be able to employ and host a solution in a country or region. We observe no sign of stopping of movement to global-based hosting. Besides, the US hosting environment eroding thanks to data privacy. All the outside-US solutions like open source solutions are so important because they remain outside the reach of the US government. In fact, all servers owned by US companies and serving the globe are still the subject of US data privacy law.

With all the ability to serve as a localized solution and provide a wide range of benefits to the business. Open source solutions appear as the ultimate solution in comparison to propriety solutions. They are cheaper, great quality, fewer bugs and more flexible, almost perfect.

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