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Magento multi vendor theme – the combination of all open source solutions’ benefits

Magento multi vendor theme packge

Open source, it is not new term. Open Source has been a part of the IT landscape since 1998, we can call it a mature man in family. It might take part in a lot of evolution in this industry. After a long time of development, nowadays, open source solutions have been well accepted as the part of IT landscape. Why can they achieve so much concern from business owner? In this article, we will analyze based on a very typical example called Magento multi vendor theme package, an open source solution comes from Netbase team, hope you will help you understand clearer!

  1. Open source solutions are much cheaper!

Why do we say “cheap”? In fact, open source solutions are not free. If we just mention to the source code, the original programming code, it is available and totally free. However, most of business owners can not immediately build everything they need from that free thing. They need to carry out the processes of installation, configuration and implementation, it will be costly because you might need knowledge and expertise. Moreover, you also need to pay for servers, hardware, networking and integration.

  1. Moving faster

Of course, the quality of products and services is always the most important but the speed of delivery and flexibility are also the two key success factors for any enterprises and self-employed businesses. That customers appreciate your adaptable, agile and quick services is the hallmark of success. The strengths I am mentioning are about Open source solutions, especially Magento multi vendor theme; it is more flexible, reusable and agile than any other proprietary software.

  1. Flexible, compatible and supported

Some of our customers said that they had ever misunderstood that Open Source solutions and applications are not supported because they had ever thought it is free. However, the fact is opposite. Our Magento multi vendor theme package comes with extensive documentation and an active community. To reduce all risk related to the conflict with third-party extension, we integrated all necessary extensions to build a perfect multi vendor in this package and our support team are always ready to help you any time you need. We also have a community for you to find out anything about this product.

What is compatibility? It means we never want to lock customers into a solution, Open Formats are usually well supported and well integrated into our Magento multi vendor theme package such as Vtiger CRM, mail, video, etc. because we know that those extensions are right the best way for a solution to get great exposure and use.

  1. Less bugs and errors

Programming is always for people who love creativity. No one wants to be criticized for their work, especially when they put all effort on it and they consider it as their brainchild. Developers are always enthusiastic with what do and it will be promote more if it can achieve peer recognition. The community of open source solutions is stronger than anything you can imagine. That’s also the reason why our Magento multi vendor theme package is so more flexible and robust than proprietary software, it was built on millions of hours of experience and expertise to solve any given problem.

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