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Magento 2 multivendor with Magento 2 Quick view extension

Magento 2 multivendor solution

We had an overview about Magento 2 multivendor: Magento 2 Megashop Theme support Multiple Stores as well as the detail of Magento 2 multivendor with Magento 2 Mega menu extension. Besides, you may know that customers want to reduce the shopping time on reviewing products, have the beneficial experience through having a quick review of product details and adding products to cart with the pop-up window on the homepage and category page. So, Magento 2 quick view extension is the indispensable extension for this Magento 2 multivendor. You can check the list of features of quick view as follow:

Quickly view products in Catalog Widget.

Magento 2 quick view allows you preview product in catalog widget easily such as homepage, categories page, etc. without going to the product detail page.

Displaying a popup with all the information. 

Just by clicking on a quick view button, customers will be able to see full information about the product in terms of name, price, product image, etc. appeared right in quick view popup.

Supporting all product types.

This Magento 2 quick view works well with all kinds of products including Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle and many others.

Displaying all product options in the quick view popup.

With configurable products, you can view all the options in terms of size, color, etc. right in quick view popup.

Supporting Multi stores.

Of course, Magento 2 quick view is so flexible in working and this extension can adapt to all stores, you can set up freely without worrying about conflicts.

Totally responsive popup.

Quick view popup is ultimately compatible with desktop, tablet screen, from screen size 600px this quick view popup will disappear.

Adding product to cart right in a popup.

When you view the product in the popup, if you find it can satisfy your demand, you can add that product to cart from the popup, you do not need to go to another page, easier and faster browsing product, more convenient.

Quick View button Setting.

You can custom about the title, color text and button background for Quick view button

ADD TO CART button setting.

Users can enable or disable Add to Cart button from Quick View and specify the button’s color, hover color, text color, and text hover color.

Allowing to show product detail formation.

Magento 2 quick view allows users to enable or disable the entire product short description.

Performing other actions like on a real product page.

Besides the main feature of previewing product information, visitors can also perform other actions such as adding to wishlist, adding the product to compare, sending an email and writing product reviews.

Displaying product detail page link.

You can choose to enable or disable Product Link and specify the text color and hover color. If you choose to enable, you will see a link to the product page for more details.


This extension is compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE 9, 10, 11.

Allowing to show special products: You can show special products in quick view popup such as related products, up-sell products…

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