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How to install the HRM module for Vtiger CRM

For most business companies, manage employees who work in the company is extremely important. You certainly also understand that a company wants to grow, one of the key factors is its people. The employees in the company are the ones who do the work, the ones who decide whether the company is doing well or not. The more the company grows, the more employees there are. At that time, requiring the management of employees must take effective measures. Understanding that, CMsmart has created a program to help effectively manage personnel in the company. We are proud to present the HRM module.

HRM module-Vtiger HRM

You already have a Vtiger CRM system, now your job is install HRM on it and experience the features that the system brings. Human resource management is working at the company, the list of job candidates, employees who quit their jobs, … it’s all so easy with our HRM module.

Do you wonder how to install the HRM module for Vtiger CRM? That’s why I write this article, I will show you how to install it.

Here I will guide you step by step how to install the HRM module for Vtiger CRM.

Step 1: Download HRM Module for Vtiger CRM free Version (zip file)

When you visit our product page Human Resource management (HRM) for Vtiger CRM at When you scroll down the page you will see the text that says download free version. Click on that, so you have successfully downloaded the HRM zip file.

And here is the file after you downloaded

Step 2 Install HRM Module for Vtiger CRM 

After finish download, the HRM zip file, go to your Vtiger CRM system, click on Settings-> CRM Setting. The displayed page will switch to a Setting page that allows you to perform further operations.

Now, we will perform the operations to upload the HRM module. First, click on the modules box displayed above the page (the file we need to upload is the module). After clicking, the screen will jump to the Module management page.

Once you reached the Module management page, please click on the “Import module from zip” (the upload module only accepts in zip format).

The new page displays, here you will upload the HRM zip file. Click “Select from my computer” and select the zip file you downloaded. Then make sure you checked the “I accept with disclaimer and would like to proceed” checkbox before select “Import”.

After you click Import, a new page displays, do you see the green “Import now” button? Click on it.

After complete step 6, you have successfully imported the HRM module, you will see a message displayed. The items in HRM are displayed below the page, scroll down, you will see them. The “V” is the activity, if you do not want anything to be inactive, remove the “V”.

Finally, congratulations, you have successfully installed the HRM module on Vtiger CRM, now just use and experience the features it brings.

With the HRM module, manage employees and operations in the company is much simpler. This is a very smart management software, how are you concerned about using it? Don’t worry, we already have articles, detailed video tutorials for you. Check them out. And finally, use our HRM management module and let us know how you feel.

We are always looking forward to receiving your feedback to improve the product and make it better. Thanks for your care!

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