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Hot open source solutions released: WordPress LMS solution

WordPress LMS solution

There is no development in economics that does not go along with educational development. Knowledge always plays an important role in the prosperity of each country. Nowadays, thanks to the explosion of the Internet, classes have not held in the traditional way, we have another channel to learn is e-learning. No school, no class, teachers, and students can meet others through the screen. It is not exaggerated that this is a considerable innovation in education. Catching up with the trend, we, Cmsmart, are so glad to release a version of open source solutions called WordPress LMS solution. We are sure that this is the number one WordPress theme for an educational system with an amazing list of outstanding features as follow:

7 special features of WordPress LMS solution:

  1. Built on No 1 LMS LearnDash plugin: It means that your website will be included multiple learning functions such as Multi-Tier Courses, Drip-Feed Content, Sell Courses, Certificates & Points, Advanced Quizzing, Expire Access, Manage Assignments, User Reports, Lesson Timers, Flexible Prerequisites, User Profiles, and Group Management.
  2. Support both paid courses and free courses. It is so easy and simple for you to create courses and set prices, take secure payment via Paypal payment gateway.
  3. Support 8 types of quizzes. In this WordPress LMS solution, we provide 8 types of quizzes for students at the end of each course. We believe that it will be efficient in helping students enhance level. 8 types of quizzes are Single choice, Assessment, Essay/ Open Answer, Multiple choices, Matrix sorting Choice, Sorting Choice, Free Choice and Fill in the blank.
  4. Teacher profile. This open source solution serves for the e-learning industry. So, students just see teachers through the screen. We integrate Teacher profile including an avatar, teacher information, description, address, phone number because we believe that the more prestigious teachers are, the more students we will get.
  5. Special event: Subscribe to all events. It helps students follow and full control all so students will never miss any important events anymore.
  6. Service Management: You can easily manage services to enhance the quality of the e-learning course.
  7. Collecting reviews: This feature allows students to leave their opinion about the courses had completed. Nothing could be better than that new student can gain some views about the course they are going to learn through the real experience of previous students.

Some other added WordPress plugins for WordPress LMS solution:

  1. Slider revolution. It is not just for images. Slider Revolution will show almost any kind of content with highly customizable, transitions, effects, and custom animations.
  2. Mega menu. This plugin allows both administrator and user to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly to optimize your website navigation performance.
  3. SiteOrigin. We also integrate SiteOrigin to this WordPress LMS solution. So you can design your layout just simply by dragging and dropping elements on the page.


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