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How to create perfect product pages for your web store

How to create perfect product pages for your web store

When running any online store, one thing you should never ignore is product pages. In a brief definition, we can define product page as the important factor that decides whether you can convert visitors into customers or not. The success of product pages will affect directly on the success of your business. The task of creating a user experience giving your visitors what they need to become a customer totally depends on your methods. As the experience of professionals, you should analyze your product pages to optimize as much as possible. It will encourage customers to come back again. Here are some things you should consider to create a killer product page:

The Perfect Product Page

Visitor behavior can be summarized in three main stages:

  • Attention: or you can understand it as the impression at the first sight. In this stage, the goal need to be achieved is keeping customers not to leave the sites immediately. Visitors usually abandon carts because appearance is not attractive enough or price is unreasonable.
  • Capture: After the first stage, visitors tend to be more interested. They will desire to get more information about products. You should capture immediately to convert that interest into sale revenue by providing the visitors with all possible and needed information.
  • Decision: when you were providing enough information about the product, visitors usually make the comparison with products from other sites before making decisions. It had better make them confidence in your product and then encourage them by it.

In fact, it may appear some sub-stages among those three. You will have to more detailed analysis, but never make everything become too complicated. Let’s think and make them easy at all times.

The increase and loss of interest in product page stages

To capture visitors’ interest right at the first time they land on the page, all the elements including Product name (Image, Price, “Add to the Shopping Cart” and “buy” button). Product Page Example should be designed clearly and concisely as much as possible. Let’s highlight the over the rest elements so that visitors can find your products just in few seconds.

Two strategies you can apply to highlight are increasing the size and separating from the rest of the page by using margins.

If your products do not capture customers’ attention

The reason for this situation may come from objective factors: your products are not the things visitors need or the price is not affordable. In this case, never give up!  Let’s offer them alternative items that should be visible without scrolling down the page. Visitors will spend more time and highly appreciate if you make them easy access to the lists of similar products.

Only when capturing customers’ interest, do you have chances to persuade them more about why they should use your products by adding those elements:

  • Description: including the outstanding features, focusing on value added to customers, that’s the key point
  • Secondary images: they are the things that customers usually scroll down to see; therefore, those images should be available right in the first screen view.

However, some customers still feel confused after they see the description and the secondary images, how do you do? More elements should be added to increase the persuasiveness: Ratings, Comments, Videos, and Social network information.

Other elements you can take into account in the product page:

  • Cross-selling: the complements or accessories which the customer may want to buy as well as the product viewed will display in the easy to be seen the place. Of course, buying or not is optional.
  • Dissemination: customers may be the powerful supporters of your business if you offer them suitable techniques such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Original contents: never focus too much on value-added, original content should be paid attention because it will show that you are the professional in this field.

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