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Actionable tips to improve checkout process with Magento one step checkout

Magento one step checkout extension

An appealing interface and a great on-site experience can convince consumers to stay longer in your web store but the simplicity of checkout process is the main factor that determines your revenue increases or not. Therefore, there is no reason gloss over this problem anymore if you want to prosper. In this post, I will focus on actionable tips to improve the checkout process with Magento one step checkout extension from Cmsmart.

  1. Utilize One step checkout

You can show any added field or information in any pages but not checkout page. You should always be simple. Simple means you narrow down the whole complex checkout process to single-page checkout. When customers know exactly how many fields are left before the process is complete, they are encouraged to finish it off. Even when they fill the wrong information, they also don’t need to wait the previous page loaded, every information is in just one page.

  1. Manage checkout fields

In the checkout process, more doesn’t mean better because customers aren’t interested in dealing with long questionnaires. With Magento one step checkout extension, web owners can eliminate all unnecessary checkout fields and steps to deliver a better user experience. With some web owners, they even require more, they use the checkout page to render an excellent customer service such as add a suitable day and time for delivery of perishable goods.

  1. Enable guest checkout

Many customers don’t like site registration, even you create a simple registration form, they also dislike. Especially customers who come to your store for the first time, what they really concern is completing the transaction, nothing more. When they almost finish the shopping process, nothing is worse than they have to stop and register. Because the trust cannot be built right at the first purchase and they will never want to disclose their contact information. So that’s the reason why Magento one step checkout offers guest checkout feature.

  1. Support multiple payment methods

Magento stores can accept some basic payment methods but basic methods are never enough, let add as much as possible. Consumers may abandon the checkout if they find that their favorite payment method is not available. Magento one step checkout extension integrates Paypal, Paypal pro, Paypal Express, Moneybookers, Sagepay, Check, Credit card, etc.

  1. Satisfy mobile shoppers

Nowadays, mobile has stick to shoppers, the mobile traffic grew eighteen-fold in 2011-2016. Even the giant Google also love and recommend the mobile-friendly design. Your website, including checkout page, needs to be mobile friendly, that’s the big competitive advantage for your business. Some SEO practitioners emphasize the importance of mobile responsiveness for sites’ SEO performance. So we shouldn’t ignore, right?

  1. Some more tips
  • Enable the gift message functionality
  • Eliminate footer and header of checkout page or make them less vivid because they might distract customers.
  • Add a trusted payment logo to show shoppers that the payment is secure.

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