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Magento Amazon theme package with integration of Magento multi vendor

Magento Amazon theme package with the integration of Magento multi vendor

Do you know that Amazon has long been one of the largest E Commerce corporations in the world? Products and services on Amazon are usually preferred and highly appreciated by consumers due to free shipping and extraordinary discounts on a variety of items. It is not exaggerated to said that Amazon is making money in all retail operations and the Amazon’s stock has no evidence of decreasing. The success in a business model of Amazon has inspired other business owners a lot. They consider Amazon as the standard model for multi vendor marketplace. Also, take the inspiration of this standard model, we, the Netbase team, has developed a product called Magento Amazon Responsive Theme Integrated Multiple Vendor Package. The most interesting thing is we haven’t developed a separate them, we created a package for you to build full solution marketplace. In this article, I will specially analyze the benefits of Magento multi vendor feature in this package, hope you find it useful:

  • This feature works so smoothly with any types of the theme as long as the source code is open to customizing.
  • Sellers have their own dashboard for administration process including Profile, Settings, Products, Orders, Transaction List and Sales Report. It can be explained that we want to offer each seller a house for them to customize as they want. The whole marketplace will be the combination of multiple sellers’ stores.
  • With Magento multi vendor, marketplace operator can choose different commission for a different group of sellers, so flexible! We understand that each group of sellers will have a different level of contribution for the total benefit of the marketplace so the commission for each of them should not be the same. Therefore, we provide two types of commission for you: fixed and percentage based.
  • When developing this Magento multi vendor for Magento Amazon package, we want to bring users the best experience so we try to customize and design even the smallest detail as carefully as possible, in terms of sale stage, transaction, sale reports, email, etc. All of them are customized properly.
  • To limit the number of sellers on the marketplace as well as filter the sellers coming with high-quality product and service, this extension allows admin to manage sellers, manage seller products, manage seller orders, manage transactions.
  • Our Magento multi vendor integrated allows customers can purchase products from a variety of sellers and then make payment at once. Customers can check in the cart to see vendor name for each product.
  • The barriers in terms of different languages and currencies will be eliminated because this theme is integrated multi currencies and languages. English is global languages but not all people accomplish with it. Moreover, shopping with mother language and use the currency they are familiar with will bring them greater experience. When barriers do not exist, the number of customers will increase respectively.
  • Responsive design: you know, that is not a trend, I mean it is not just optional, it is almost compulsory for any website if web owners want to exist in this fiercely competitive environment. The ultimate responsive design will make the site look great regardless of devices consumers are using. The final purpose of its is bringing the best shopping experience.


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